Weterm International Group Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in clothing sales and trade internationalized enterprise. The company in 2001 years from Africa to establish the first Nigerian clothing sales company started, has a dozen overseas sales companies have been in Africa, distributed in West Africa (Cano, Onica, Nigerian Abuja, Aba), Doug (Luo Mei), an important trade center in Ghana, Ivory Coast and East Africa, the Cameroonian Senegalese, Tanzanian and Ugandan and kenyan. The main products include ladies' underwear, men's underwear, bra, vest, POLO shirt, T-shirt and so on. Company products are sold to nearly twenty countries in africa. The company has set up branches in Guangzhou, Yiwu and Puning, specializing in clothing trade. In 2009, our company has become China's largest exporter of underwear industry in africa. Shenzhen Wei Tuo Trading Co., Ltd. was founded in July 1, 2011. It is the essence of Witten International Group Limited company management headquarters, responsible group purchasing personnel transport, distribution, service support, the function of overseas management and strategic planning.

Enterprise vision: to become the global sales, global procurement of international business platform; to become a multi industry group company, a diversified entrepreneurial platform, so that excellent employees become excellent managers and operators.